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Boat Bimini's, T-Tops & Rocket Launchers

Tired of getting soaked in the rain or burnt in the sun? Check out our range of Ocean South Boat Bimini’s and T-Tops.

These will fit most standard boat sizes and designs from runabouts, cabin cruiser and hardtops to centre consoles. They come with full instructions and are made with robust, marine grade material and fittings. If you want to keep your rods out of the way you can even add a rocket launcher!

 Bimini Tops

Bimini's are great for providing extra shelter from the harsh New Zealand conditions allowing you to enjoy your boat whether it is hot and sunny or wet and windy.


Centre and side console boats continue to grow in popularity in New Zealand but you can be exposed to the elements. We can now offer Ocean South T-Tops to help protect you from the sun and the rain. 

There are different mounting options depending on the console type. 

Rocket Launchers

Available in free standing or clamp on options an Ocean South Rocket Launcher is an excellent addition to your boat so that rods can be safety stowed above deck space. They are easily assembled and will fit most standard size boats.