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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cover Systems located?

  • Cover Systems is an online business located in Warkworth (Auckland), New Zealand and all transactions completed through this website will be in New Zealand Dollars.  Click here to view our contact information. 


Does the price include freight and GST?

  • The price for goods purchased through this website are the prices displayed at the time the purchase is made
  • The price includes GST but excludes freight/delivery
  • The freight charged is calculated at checkout and is based on the size of your purchase and your delivery address.
  • All prices shown are current. Cover Systems reserves the right to change products and prices without notice.


How can I make the payment?

Payment must be made prior to dispatch of the goods purchased. This can be by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) through the website, by Direct Credit to our bank account or by cash if you are collecting the goods personally.


When will I receive my order?


    Does my purchase come with a warranty?

    • If you are purchasing goods for business purposes, the Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply
    • If you are purchasing goods for your own use, the Consumer Guarantees Act does apply.
    • The warranty provided for Cover Systems products is stated on the website listing and applies from date of invoice. If goods are returned under warranty (eg faulty or damaged) and a replacement provided, the original warranty period remains unchanged in respect of the replacement product


     Who is responsible for my purchase in transit?

    • Ownership of the goods passes as soon as payment is received by Cover Systems
    • Cover Systems holds transit insurance for all goods it dispatches, using its own nominated carriers. If you nominate a carrier to be used for the delivery, you must arrange your own transit insurance


    How do clean my cover?

    • Carefully spot clean with water, a mild soap and a sponge. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or brushes.
    • Cover or tape any sharp edges that could wear against your cover to allow a long life span.·


    What tips are there for looking after my car and cover?

    • Vehicles should be cleaned before the cover is fitted. If any dirt, dust or grit gets between the cover and the surface of the vehicle, abrasion may occur
    •  Do not fit this cover to a car that is hot. Always allow the car to cool down prior to fitting.

    •  Do not fit this cover over or around sharp, protruding objects. i.e. Split pins, frayed cables , etc. Make sure the car is clean enough before you put the cover onto the car. If there are too much grain of sand on the car, the cover will easily scratch a paint finish.

    •  Do not fit cover on a freshly painted car. We recommend that a repainted car should not be covered for a minimum of 6 months. It’s best to check with your car repair shop for recommended “cure time”. Use of any cover on a repainted car may cause damage which is not due to the cover but due to the new paint.

    • . Do not leave the fitted cover exposed to outdoor conditions for longer than two months continuously. The cover must be aired out and cleaned every two months for continuous usage, before re-fitting.

    •  Do not fold or store this cover if it is damp or wet. Always dry prior to storage.

    • Do not machine wash or dry clean. Wash by hand only with a warm mild soap / water solution.

    •  Do not tumble dry. Drip dry only.